Doosan Vina received its investment certificate on November 20th 2006 which licensed the company to operate a heavy industrial complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone for 70 years. The $300 million dollar investment specializes in the manufacture of heavy industrial equipment such as boilers for power plants, cranes for container handling at ports, desalination plants and some other key mechanical products. Since 2006, Doosan Vina has produced 197 projects worth billions of dollars that have a total net weight of nearly 350,000 tons. Doosan Vina’s "Made in Vietnam" products are already hard work at 28 countries worldwide. Especially noteworthy is the company’s Boilers and other power equipment have added 11,180 MW of electricity to the global grid; their Desalination plants are providing 776 million liters of desalinated seawater per day meeting the daily needs of 2.5 million people and their 68 giant cargo cranes are busy working to make trade and modern life a reality at ports around the world. In addition to their commercial focus the company has a well-funded and active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that’s focus is on helping to build healthy communities. Since beginning operations in Quang Ngai, Doosan Vina has invested more than $5.6 In their neighbors through its CSR programs. Their CSR has three main emphases: Education, Healthcare and Housing. To date, Doosan Vina in cooperation with Chung Ang University Hospital has provided medical exams and medicine for more than 16,000 people; Donated 2.6 million doses of multivitamins for undernourished children; Presented scholarships totaling more than $250,000; Built and renovated 27 homes for neighbors and elderly and workers; Donated a desalination plant worth $1 million to Ly Son island; Provided training and support for Vietnam’s national archery team and a variety of other charitable initiatives. Another aspect of the company’s mission in Vietnam is focused on: Environmental protection, Safety, The transfer of technology to Vietnamese companies to empower Doosan Vina to become the leaders of the Vietnam's domestic mechanical sector.


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