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$$1500-$2000Binh Duong

Required Skills and Experience

Decisiveness, Stress Management Skills, Leadership, Excellent Organisational Skills, Good Written and Oral Communication Skills, Mathematics Skills, Especially in the Area of Statistics,
Understanding of Business Operations, Attention to Detail, Speed, Accuracy, Computer Literacy, Superior Problem Solving Skills, Knowledge of Supply Chain and Distribution Management,
Ability to Meet Deadlines, Supervisory Experience, Quality Control Experience, Knowledge of Manufacturing Processes, Apprenticeship in Production Planning.

Job Description & Responsibilities

**Duties :
Liaises with sales division to determine customer requirements
Approves materials, costs, manufacturing equipment, and the size of workforce needs to manufacture goods
Predicts how long a project will take to complete
Develops a production schedule detailing all tasks and when they should be completed by to meet predicted completion date
Liaises with customers, suppliers, the human resources department, and maintenance employees to ensure all workers, materials, and machinery will be available when required
Monitors project's progress to ensure it's following the schedule
Troubleshoots problems that occur during production, including staff shortages and machinery malfunctions
Organises project paperwork, including purchase orders, and maintains records
Monitors production and raw material costs
Collects and assesses data about the production and team's performance
Prepares reports about production processes for upper management and suggests ways to improve efficiency
**Purpose :
Ensures goods manufactured by employer are produced in a cost-effective way that meets quality specifications.
Makes sure that goods are ready to distribute to customers in a timely fashion. Improves a company's production and distribution processes.


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