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Sales Manager

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Ho Chi Minh

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Create additional business (meaning expand the business) including expansion of product/ supplier/ customer portfolios;

Provide and update monthly/ quarterly market intelligence and market data relating to the company’s present business and identified areas of business expansion

Manage all sales activities in the Rep. Office;

Directly handle and/or oversee the key accounts of the Rep Office;

Develop new suppliers and clients;

Get some old key suppliers back;

Comply with the requirements of RLI HQ concerning management and reportorial obligations;

Provide quarterly sales & market data in compliance with RLI HQ’s standards of management operations including identification of potential targets for increasing sales.


Formulates plans and strategies for submission on timely basis to HQ for review and approval, which involve maintenance of existing office business portfolio, the expansion and development of this portfolio to include but not limited to: Product range, Choice of industries to cover, Suppliers and agency maintenance & acquisition of new ones & Customer prequalification, development and management, according to acceptable ethical standards and business practices

Devises Plans and sets short, medium, and long-term goals and strategies to attain these, and revise in a timely manner as maybe necessitated, and reports such to HQ

Implements planned and approved strategies

Guides and manages the various sales departments in all aspects of: Marketing, Sales, Sales management and administration

Prepares and submits to HQ an Annual Comprehensive Sales Budget and Forecast for the whole company, detailing critical information needed, and in coordination with various department heads, for review and approval of HQ

Prepares & submits an annual budget of expenditures for all sales related expenses & activities i.e. domestic trips to clients, foreign trips for supplier training, etc…– all for HQ review & approval

Submits an annual comprehensive schedule of travels, inland or overseas, to HQ, with regular monthly updates

Recommends to Finance Department credit limits and payment terms with clients.

Provides HQ with Quarterly updated reports including market intelligence Summaries which includes:New suppliers’ offer to work with Vietnam,New competition of LV’s suppliers and their agents, New agents for old and current competition of LV’s suppliers, Updates on market size and volumes for LV’s key traded items, products of LV’s key suppliers, commodities, and other items of developing interest for LV’s business, New companies in competition with LV’s business in general, or LV’s key suppliers, or key items, in particular, Organizes all Sales Departments in the most effective structure to ensure goals are not only attained but even exceeded, Trains, familiar, and mentors all sales department members on their job functions

Coordinates and ensures timely renewal of agency agreements including client protection arrangements.

Ensures that all Sales Department’s works with all the necessary permits and maintains their validities.

Efficiently coordinates with current Chief Representative who handles HR, Office Admin, Finance, IT, and Sales Admin, including the evaluation of all sales department members and the update of their job descriptions at least once a year.

In cooperation with HR Department, hires/”fires” department employees; Managerial positions (like Assistant Department Manager/Department Managers) require HQ approval.


Report to General Manager

job requirements


MBA or equivalent College degree in Commerce with additional Managerial training


Understanding of Financial, Accounting and Financing processes, preferably gained through actual work experience in previous jobs

Must have/gain comprehensive knowledge of products we sell and their applications

Must have/gain knowledge of industries we cover

Must have/gain knowledge of our suppliers’ standing in the world or Asia as a whole vis-à-vis competition

Must have direct knowledge of LV's suppliers' market share and position versus competition for LV's top 50 products and top 20 product ranges.


Fluency in written/spoken English

Other requirements

Must personally ensure close monitoring of business developments of our top 50 clients and inclusive of their top management which requires frequent visits and market updates on their businesses.

Computer literacy at least in Word, Excel, and any internet/e- mail setting

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